This is a repaint for the Microsoft/iniBuilds Bell 47J Ranger (Local Legend 14). Two four-seat HUL-1s were transferred from the Navy in 1959 and redesignated HUL-1Gs in Coast Guard service. Both aircraft were assigned standard USCG four-digit serial numbers, 1337 and 1338. In addition to full instrumentation for night flying, both aircraft were equipped with a 400 lb rescue hoist. Based at CGAS Kodiak, they flew ice reconnaissance from the icebreaker Northwind during the 1959 Bering Sea Patrol and later operated from the cutter Storis in the Bering Sea on search and rescue and utility missions. A float-equipped aircraft operated from cutters and icebreakers in the Gulf of Alaska in the 1960s. They could also be equipped with skis. The helicopters could be transported on C-123s, greatly increasing their operational potential. The type was redesignated HH-13Q in 1962 and served with the Coast Guard until December 1967.



Just drag and drop the 'livery-bell47j-uscg' folder to your MSFS Community folder. 


Livery created by Tim-HH using Adobe Substance 3D Painter and Adobe Photoshop.