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February 06 at 23:25 PM

I'm thinking that someone should make a freeware Boeing 747-200 model with all RR, GE & PW variants with the Salty or Asobo Boeing 747-8i Virtual Cockpit in the mix. It'll be a great aircraft to fly into Kai Tak and do retro routes on!

February 06 at 20:11 PM

Hakkari Yuksekova Airport is available soon...

Pilatus Releases
February 04 at 22:37 PM
February 04 at 22:36 PM

An-225 rebuild available soon

Orbx Promotions
February 03 at 12:03 PM

Vessels Madeira by Seafront Simulations is now available on OrbxDirect! https://t.co/XDad9viVlA Come and discover the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira and take in the views of the lively coastal traffic and busy marinas that skirt these islands.

February 02 at 17:31 PM

Back with some more pictures of my Ellinikon Airport scenery showing some of the added breakup of the ground textures as well as some more work on the AFCAD. Airlines can now park using drive through parking which is implemented by misusing of the way AI behaves. It doesn't work all the times, but it mostly does and it really enhances the realism for this airport! I've also included one shot of the work in progress of the STARs and approaches. Roadmap: https://trello.com/b/GYHbduWx

For our Community Fly-In this Friday, we're flying to Benelux - Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg! 🇧🇪 🇳🇱 🇱🇺 ⏰ Please note that we will be starting an hour earlier from our usual time. ⏰ For more information please see our forum post: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/official-community-fly-in-friday-benelux/573119

February 01 at 23:19 PM

The Antonov AN-225 is Coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Miyra is planned to grace the virtual skies from February 27th and could be yours for just $20 USD https://fselite.net/content/the-antonov-an-225-is-coming-to-microsoft-flight-simulator/

February 01 at 20:21 PM

The Zugspitze - at 2962m - is Germany's highest mountain and a major tourist destination in south bavaria. Helipads Garmisch-Partenkirchen and the Zugspitze are coming in February 2023. Die Zugspitze, Deutschlands höchster Berg ist aktuell nicht für den msfs als Scenery enthalten. Einige Helipads in Garmisch und die Zugspitze als Freeware-Scenery..... im Februar 2023.

February 01 at 09:36 AM

After finding new Youtube videos revealing new details for Gillespie (KSEE), the next version should be released soon.

January 31 at 18:48 PM

Hey guys, some news on our Hannover Airport EDDV project. We needed to relocate our discord server, which is now completed. We had no losses and we have some new ideas for the future, beginning with a poll, as soon as we got some more people around again. We are working hard on a early early alpha for MSFS, all I can say. We already imported some nice looking objects. Feel free to join the new Crossfeed Design server and stay tuned 😊 BR Friedolien https://discord.gg/mcQSNhKh

January 31 at 18:47 PM

Small preview for the revised version of the Warnemünde scenery.

Aircraft and Avionics Update 1 (AAU1) is now available on all platforms! Read the release notes here: https://www.flightsimulator.com/aircraft-avionics-i-release-notes-1-30-12-0/

January 31 at 08:41 AM

757 MSFS from BlueBird - just a small update video showing some of the fine detail that you can expect to see when released... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kI5Etxfq6p8

MLD Scenery Releases
January 30 at 21:30 PM

Didn't seen yet our LRIA - Iasi Airport for MSFS trailer? Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tM3S-dgD2Xg&t=50s&ab_channel=MLDScenery

Flightsim.to Releases
January 29 at 12:30 PM

Don't miss DC Design's latest conversion to #MicrosoftFlightSimulator - freeware! ➡️ https://flightsim.to/file/48739/msfs-f-a-18c-legacy-hornet

January 28 at 17:06 PM

#MicrosoftFlightSimulator is almost 3 years old and it still continues to blow my mind how beautiful it can be! Our HPG H145 is still one of the best ways to fly low and slow and take in all of the amazing scenery 🚁

Lucru în curs de realizare! Vedeți o primă versiune BETA a noii noastre funcții de alimentare, care va fi îmbunătățită în timp.

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