Mission 4: Bradley Lake (0AK7) to Lowell Field (00AK)

This is the fourth in a continuing exploration trip in “rugged” Alaskan glacier scenery. In this trip we’ll depart Bradley Lake (Bradley Lake Hydroelectric Project Airstrip) (0AK7) and travel through various glacier areas to our destination being Lowell Field (00AK). We are on the southern side of the Kenai Peninsula for much of trip before crossing Kachemak Bay to the north side of the Kenai Peninsula. Again, as in all of these VFR trips, this trip is intended to be a low level and scenic flight excursion. 

The Route/Itinerary:  Short List: 0AK7-2AK4-AK07-KEB-PGM-PASO*-PAHO-00AK -  Total Distance: 114 nm.

Departure:    Bradley Lake (0AK7)

Stop - Oyster Cove (2AK4)

Stop - Dog Fish Bay (AK07) 

Optional Stop or TnG at Nanwalek (KEB)

Optional Stop or TnG at Port Graham (PGM)

Stop at Seldovia Airport (PASO) * (Add-on scenery for PASO makes a nice add)

Stop at Homer (PAHO)

Destination:  Lowell Field (00AK)

* Scenery Requirements: (Nice eye candy add-on for PASO)

DL LINK:   https://flightsim.to/file/7259/seldovia-paso-ak-us  (by quelcertoleo)

Requires Dave’s 3D People Library-DL LINK: https://flightsim.to/file/5452/dave-s-3d-people-library  (by BadMed)

Aircraft:  Two versions of this Mission included: C172_G1000 as well as the C172_Classic from MSFS Premium version.


Mission Installation: 

Extract the zip file and move/place the extracted mission folder into the community folder. Start/restart the sim and this mission will be found via the Home Page > Activities > Bush 


                Alaska (C172_G1000)                                  Alaska (C172_Classic)

To uninstall simply remove the mission folder(s) from your community folder.


NOTE: For those of you who don't like "missions" per say, I have included the flight plan (both LNM and MSFS version) on which this bush trip is based as well as have included a sky vector map link for those who might want to remove any automated nav aids and navigate via static map, dead reckoning and marking land marks to ascertain position. (But make sure you grab your watch or E6B just in case: don’t want to get lost!)            



This Alaska Glacier Bush trip will be part of a full VA tour/excursion released later at the Misty Flying Club: http://www.mistymooringsflyingclub.com/


Thanks to BuffyGC for the BushTripInjector toolkit! https://flightsim.to/file/4131/bushtripinjector

Thanks to "quelcertoleo"  for the Seldovia (PASO) add-on scenery: https://flightsim.to/file/7259/seldovia-paso-ak-us 

and BadMed for creating the Object Libraries.