Mission 2: Alaska: Palmer Buddy Woods Municipal (PAAQ) to Quartz Creek (JLA)

This second trip in this Alaska Glacier series is a continuing exploration trip. This trip departing Palmer, Alaska via some of the Alaska’s rugged and scenic glacier areas. This trip will take us through mountains, rivers and lakes which surround Chugach National Park. We will also view Anchorage, the largest city in Alaska. Our destination airport is Quartz Creek (JLA) in the town of Cooper Landing, Alaska. This is intended to be a low level and scenic flight excursion. Hands on the stick!  

The Route/Itinerary:  Short List: PAAQ- AK50-PABV-PANC-AK12-5HO-AQY-JLA  Total Distance: 113 nm.


Aircraft:  C172 G1000


Mission Installation: 

Extract the zip file and move/place the extracted mission folder into the community folder. Start/restart the sim and this mission will be found via the Home Page > Activities > Bush Trips >  


Alaska (C172_G1000)


To uninstall simply remove the mission folder from your community folder.

Complete instructions and detailed flight itinerary included in the file download.



This Alaska Glacier Bush trip will be part of a full VA tour/excursion released later at the Misty Flying Club: http://www.mistymooringsflyingclub.com/



Credits: Thanks BuffyGC for the BushTripInjector toolkit! https://flightsim.to/file/4131/bushtripinjector