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RJTT Tokyo International Airport, revised based on the New Aerodrome Chart

Tokyo International Airport, revised based on the new New Aerodrome Chart Changed the runways and taxiways to match the new airfield map.The wavy centerline of the taxiways has been aligned as much as possible.The taxiway names have been corrected to the new ones.Fix for...

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Tokyo International Airport, revised based on the new New Aerodrome Chart

Changed the runways and taxiways to match the new airfield map.
The wavy centerline of the taxiways has been aligned as much as possible.
The taxiway names have been corrected to the new ones.
Fix for RWY23 ILS offset.
Other minor fixes and additions.


Important Changes
Change the elevation of the airport. Therefore, planes of users who have not installed this scenery mod will appear to float in the air, even if they are on the ground.

Additional downloads are required because several objects are taken from external libraries.
Please download from here. v0.1.1 or higher.

Some added elements can be disabled.
You can disable them by deleting the target files in the "scenery" folder.

Flying_car.bgl ----- Bridges causing cars to fly.
GSE.bgl ----- Airport Equipment Ground Vehicles.
Monorail.bgl ----- Monorail.
Navdata.bgl ----- Already obsolete VORC approaches and JONAN arrivals.
StaticAirplane.bgl ----- Static airplanes added to not active aprons.
TaxiwaySign.bgl ----- Taxiway sign.
VDGS.bgl ----- Simplified VDGS using LOD.

Specification of the VDSG being implemented.
VDSG is a LOD-based specification, so it depends on the viewpoint camera settings of each plane.
The plane will stop a little before the stop line at a viewpoint with InitialZoom = 0.36 in the camera.cfg of each plane.
For viewpoints that deviate greatly from the InitialZoom = 0.36 value, the stopping position will also shift back and forth.


Content.xml operations are no longer required starting with SU10.

Sim Update 10 0 2
Intl. Airports
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April 10, 2021
Ultima actualizare
2 month(s) ago — 1.3.2



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  • Actualizat la versiunea 1.3.2

  • Actualizat la versiunea 1.3.1

  • Actualizat la versiunea 1.3.0

  • Actualizat la versiunea 1.2.9

  • Actualizat la versiunea 1.2.8

  • Actualizat la versiunea 1.2.7

  • Initial File Release


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© karuchie - All rights reserved. Este interzisă orice reîncărcare sau redistribuire a acestui fișier fără acordul prealabil scris al autorului. Acest Flight Simulator 2020 Mod a fost creat de karuchie and shared in Scenery Enhancements » Intl. Airports pentru Microsoft Flight Simulator.

105 Comentarii

My airport be like this . who's can help me please


any plans for implementing GSX ? thanks.

I was heading to this airport from LOWW, and the sim crashed when flying around 2 hours, it might be the scenery of this addon. Please fix this

Is this compatible with Asobo's custom version, or do we need to use one or the other?

Thanks for your work! Is it possible that this is causing CTD with the SU10 beta?

Excellent work! With AIG Traffic Narita really comes to life.

I still seem to be getting flying cars for some reason (with a bunch of them crossing taxiways and runways even) despite downloading the latest update. Perhaps I've missed something? I've also noticed the elevation around runway 05/23 needs adjusting but I assume that'll come in a later update.

Would be really nice with some custom jetways. I see a lot of Japanese sceneries using them, so maybe you can get some help to include them here as well?

Looks nice at first glance but is it normal that you have double jetways? One custom jetway and one default at every gate. Also I´m missing some ground markings at several gates. Something I missed?

Latest update is amazing. Enjoyed seeing the monorail after I vacated the runway on landing!

Green & orange runway exit lights? Sold. Don't know why asobo can't implement those as standard. Most airports in real life have them .

This keeps looking better and better. The only thing I've noticed is that the LOD of certain elements like gates and Jetways makes them disappear completely as soon as you move the camera just a bit away. I hope this can be addressed so that those elements remain visible.

any chance of making the static aircraft optional? Since they're sitting on active parking spots you could have overlap with actual AI or players.

this takes way to long to copy from zip to Community folder

In the latest World Update X. The bridge connecting to runaway 05/23 height has increased. You can see the bump and cannot do a cross over. Can you check and fix?


Not sure what happens. I delete the same file and replace with the fresh copy I download just now and all is good. 😊

Fantastic scenery. I've noticed that there are some extra jetways that appear to merge with other jetways and I've noticed some of the hold short markings appear to duplicate. Do I need to remove the default asobo RJTT before installing this scenery?

This version can not be loaded on my PC. CTD happened all the time. I tried 15 times, every time CTD. Previous versions were working fine.

and a well deserved upgrade from 2, to 5 stars rating ! Thank you for keeping up the good work!!!




  • Version 1.3.2 August 11, 2022

    Important Changes
    Change the elevation of the airport. Therefore, planes of users who have not installed this scenery mod will appear to float in the air, even if they are on the ground.

    -The elevation of the site where the terminal building is located has gone from 18 meters to 6.4 meters.Runway D was changed from 18 meters to 16 meters.
    -Alleviate the problem of cars flying in the air on the Metropolitan Expressway Bayshore Route behind the hangar. Delete Flying_car.bgl in scenery folder Hide the multi-level road that is causing the flying.
    -Add a 3D model to thicken the columns of the new control tower.
    -Add old VOR C approach and JONAN arrival.
    -Change approach lights for RWY22.
    -Small changes to the monorail 3D model.
    -Some taxiway signage changes.
    -The contrast between the shades of windsock was lowered.

  • Version 1.3.1 July 10, 2022

    Added missing files.

  • Version 1.3.0 July 10, 2022

    Add of a monorail.There are issues such as duplicate displays with handmade landscapes.
    Add static planes on aprons outside of the main terminal using AIG AI traffic planes.
    Add of Ground support equipment.
    Nighttime display of some taxiway signs was changed.
    Removal of countless fine objects that had been placed.

    The file structure was changed so that unnecessary items can be deleted by the user. GSE.bgl, Monorail.bgl, StaticAirplane.bgl, TaxiwaySign.bgl, VDGS.bgl Each of these can be deleted to prevent the corresponding name from being objects.

  • Version 1.2.9 June 06, 2022

    Added missing Terminal 3 jetway.

  • Version 1.2.8 June 05, 2022

    Change runway guard lights on taxiways C1-C14 to realistic.
    Changed the approach light from the standard yellow model to a custom model.
    Move commonly used airport objects to an external library.
    Changed the cubicle model.
    RWY05 / 23 Removed unevenness on the side.
    Changed boarding station 503,504,506.

  • Version 1.2.7 May 03, 2022

    Fixed CTD when returning to menu.
    It was caused by a fence installed by VECTOR PLACEMENT OBJECTS.

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