Highly detailed hand-crafted airports now available on this platform. We focus on bringing more airports from Africa to your Microsoft Flight Simulator experience. We strive to bring you the best products at an affordable price and we value your support. GOFLY !!!


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Caelus Aerial
FABL - Bram Fischer Intl. 3.0

Bram Fischer International Airport...

... 2
Caelus Aerial
FALA - Lanseria Intl. Airport 2.1

Lanseria International Airport (IATA: H...

... 3
Caelus Aerial
FQVL - Vilankulo Intl. Airport 1.1

Vilankulo Airport (IATA: VNX, ...

... 1
Caelus Aerial
FSIA - Seychelles Intl Airport 2.0

Seychelles International Airport...