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O scurtă prezentare generală a ceea ce se întâmplă în comunitatea noastră.

Let me take a look and see if something changed with one of the updates since I finished this livery.

I did step 2 that Imb12 mentioned, that did it for me! Amazing, really nice. Apologies for my first comment!

Thanks for this good looking livery of this 1985 aircraft. Just wondering why you use ,rar compression.

Mod will not update until i get unencrypted model files

Thank you for doing this nice texture for DELTA, however, I don;t want to be picky, but having worked for Delta for many years I know at first sight if the colors are correct. The blue in your texture is much too light. Is there a way to darken that blue a little please? I am enclosing a very short video showing the difference. The one used on the 747-400 is correct. Many thanks in advance!


works perfectly as advertised, follow the simple instructions, easy peasy. thank you for making our skies more realistic,

followed the steps & It won't start

Thanks for another British Eagle paint, great job on this, and on APSA.

Looking forward to the third!

Thank you,

I am just taking my first steps here with the smaller airports Akureyri would be exciting to try but I really thought BIAR was already available here on the web ?

😊 I will be driving around the island next week if weather allowes and will take some photos for modelling on the way.

in external view callsign disapeared when close to the aircraft (SR22)

how did you get the FBW to work? Mine just shows the cockpit of the PMP A330

I hope you still have fun. I won't change the category. I hope for your understanding

Always have a good flight

Its a pleasure, there will be more, its just time consuming because of all the detail I tend to put in..its like my OCD is kicking in and spend +- 30 min on a singular thing wanting to place it perfectly...LOL...but yes you can expect more.

Isn't SAAD this nasty dev who did pirate several 3D models and thus most of his stuff is not available for download anymore? I would be careful putting such things on public download servers...

thats my airport where iam flying glider!

Unfortunately I have not yet found a sensible solution to the problem with the flickering

j'ai mis du temps a trouver mais cest cette scène qui fait buger mon sim ! qand elle est dans mon community, le chargement initial de MSFS est interminable (litteralement), obliger de fermer le processus

I was going to ask you to remove the C-GUIF from the livery because it is right where the aircraft number goes so it is a mess of two words in the same place, but looking you are an arrogant prick that answer constructive criticism claiming this is just a freeware, I figure I will uninstall and blacklist ever donating for someone like you. Captain Sim would be proud.

just wondering if you will update this scenery to make it compatible with the TDM airport add on. It would be fantastic if you did. 😊


Yes it is your version.

I downloaded it again and will test once again

I'll report