Why don't you have the switches like ENG 1 & ENG 2, ELEC 1 & ELEC 2? and if you have it can you say where

Sorry I thought you meant the prop blur was too noticable, which was an early problem. This 172 is using the defualt Asobo prop blur, so you should direct this comment to them. I fix their problems where I can but often it is too much of a moving target as they change stuff like this from release to release. You then end up chasing your tail constantly changing back and forth as they tinker with the setting. Prop blurs were always difficult in MSFS as they are impacted by lighting more than they might be in real life.

I'm into any green. Thank you, I will be into this when I get home

The area under the windscreen is controlled by the Comp texture and is the default from PMDG. I kinda like it, but I had a look at my source photos for EI-CJE and it appears not to have it, although many 737-200s have this area matt black. So if I can fix this without causing other problems, I will update the texture.

Seems that export only works on liveries you have already imported first from a PTP. Mine are not available to export. The problem is a PTP only works for one product and I don't want to have multiple different distribution methods for liveries across different aircraft. As the community folder drops works for all aircraft (including PMDG), in my opinion, it is the best soluton.

unfortunately steam users could not follow simple instructions and blamed me for their mistakes, i rather not take responsibility.

the MS Store version is pretty much fail proof and can't mess up anything.

Just a head's up - I've run into the same issue you have. The clock, altitude alerter, and fuel monitor is inop. I believe it's because we're using a panel.cfg in our paint. Problem is I don't know a great way to hide the dynamic reg without it. I had put a 'period' in my ATC ID field which leaves a grey dot on the fuselage- it's not the worst but it's annoying still.

How do I make it so there are static FedEx Aircrafts at the Ramps, I've installed this but I don't have any static aircrafts anywhere?

I’m not sure that I know it, have you a link to this?

I had this too and found out in the aircraft.cfg file that comes with the livery there are a few things to change iirc:




Change those weird strings in description and ui_type to "PA28 Turbo Arrow III" but for the ui_manufacturer, change that to Just Flight and I believe it should be fixed.

The F-22A Premium Edition Model has become my favorite fighter jet in MSFS 2020. It is amazing how it behaves, almost like the real thing, mind you, this beauty's performance is still classified. Well done topmachstudios! Can't wait for what you have in stores for us! Thank you!!

I just had a look at this. The 414AW was recently renamed, so the folder name did also change. I renamed the folder and the views will work with the next update

I’ve just mostly finished up a mclaren gulf inspired one so hopefully get that done tonight then I will crack on with that other one but as of tomorrow I’m away for 2 weeks so might be a bit of a wait unfortunately.

solid addon makes my life with GSX a lot easier

Brilliant addon! Loving this, could use a HUD and better sounds but otherwise its a perfect addon! Thank you!!!

Will try that airport tonight and get back to you, however i do t have the paywarw for that airport

Is there any chance of getting the Freddie Laker version? Please??????

First time user (v6.0.5-alpha) and wow what a difference this add on makes to MSFS 2020! Turned on cache and increased LOD and no impact to my fps or buttery smooth flights. Some scenery is about the same but other scenery has much more detail and is significantly better. One example I immediately noticed is almost all scenery with water/oceans/lakes are much better with Google maps (flying over the Florida Keys is stunning). I highly recommend to thoroughly scan and read the various faq's and watch the YouTube videos on the web site to educate yourself.

Great rendition of ENGM however there is still a significant FPS hit with just the base scenery with out the enhanced interiors

You're welcome! Glad to see that my hard work was worth it! 😀

I've started to work on the Reims rocket / Hawk XP II variants.

They will be very close to what you're after if I'm not wrong (engine upgrade, prop lever...)

They will not be study level : I wish I could import the classic cockpit but it will stay encrypted, so this will probably only be a G1000 variant until we got a proper classic interior to work on (that may come too !)

Hodge146 does amazing work! I had to share this livery for the entire community to enjoy. Thanks again Hodge146!

A high quality airport! We hope to see the same quality for Bahrain airport and some towers that can be seen on takeoff and landing. I can help for some pics and Info. The existing one on Simmarket is not that detailed and has the old terminal which is removed and replaced by ramp parking.


Amazing! I have waited for this moment for a while

vamos los aeroclubes carajo!!!! muchas gracias!

I have a model with this livery on a display shelf and now I have this awesome livery to fly as a CF-18 in MSFS. Thank you very much for your excellent work! This is now my favourite FA-18 livery! Cheers!

It happens with some airports. Maybe try to start at MYNN and see if you get the same thing. I have seen this quite a few times. Sometimes it's a big black sign with the number "11" and other times it's the "blue and white block". I believe it's a naming issue with the libraries. I had a few in the past that I renamed myself. Some worked and some didn't. I tried it on yours and it didn't work. Just thought I would bring it to your attention. Thanks for the quick reply. Stay well.

The BDSF Textures appear to have windows 😞 Is there a work around for this, please?

Hey nuke74,

The missing textures on the terminal one building are known by us. It's no bug, it's a feature. 😉 Currently one member started to texture the T1 building. One Part isgalready shown in v10. It's the C bridge starting from C6.

For the Terminal 3 concrete I used an Asobo texture. Please be sure no old version is installed and Asobo Frankfurt Airport is deactivated. Feel free to show us a screenshot on our Discord. 😊

LatinVFR just did a big update for the A321neo.

Love it and I can't wait for this livery on the -800 to relive some childhood memories!

I purchased the Premium model from Justflight and I love it!!! Never a bad situation when it's balls to the wall galore, pardon my excitement... Just amazing!!

C'est un peu moche de partager un truc dont tu n'es pas l'auteur.

Demande plutot à celui-ci de le mettre à dispo. Au moins lui saura la corriger.

The mod was great until World Update 9. Now my system just crashes when loading MSFS with this mod installed. Might need an adjustment..