Moin Thomas,

danke für den Hinweis. Ich schau mir das mal näher an. Vorab kann ich schon sagen: ja, auf der Runway liegt eine Apron-Fläche mit der Aufgabe den Rasen kurz zu halten. Dies sollte aber nicht so wirken wie von dir beschrieben! Ich schau mir das an.

I am really sorry for that and in order not to penalize your career as a designer, I withdraw the bad vote. Thank you very much for your understanding.

This add-on is more like extended autogen, so I don't have detailed list. I mean, I have but just for antennas is 110MB file 🙂 This add-on covers everything between -180 to -25 latitude. If you want I can check specific objects for you.

This is reflected by MSFS 2020 from the rear cargo door. Unfortunately, this is inevitable.

Great mod. I mostly use GA airports and the mod worked just fine at NZQN. I am using update 6 and didn't notice any issues. Thanks for making the ribbon smaller and removing the stupid parking box.

Hello ursitolindo,

many thanks for yout statemanet. I must check that at home this evening. 😊

Somehow I suspected such an error, that's the reasen why I wrote "you may must change the internal links" in the description.

you have to overwrite your existing files In the Community folder locate "headwind-a330neo_v-0-92\SimObjects\Airplanes\Headwind_A330neo\texture"

Hi, EDDS have their own light system.

Hi, KSWF have their own light system.


all you need for running my SD profiles should be in my explanation text above.

For using AAO, importing scripts, installation and using the SD plugin, please read the AAO manual or contact the AAO developer via his contact form or his forum (on AVSIM).

If there'S then still anything uncovered, feel free to ask again, please!

@joey2021, did you by any chance start from a grass runway? if so, try from a concrete runway and see if you still have the FPS issue. There's a weird MSFS issue that affects some planes that causes FPS to tank if you start on grass.

Let us know if that fixes it...

Having now tested this mod in the last few days I can confirm VR Cockpit zoom mode is indeed working, making this upgrade a very desirable acquisition indeed for VR users and pancakers alike.

Hey Team, I mentioned on Discord if the VOR is going to be fixed for NZRO. Someone said you guys were waiting for SU5 to drop and the hotfix before fixing it. Will it get done? Thanks

My friend is doing the liveries together with me but I am the one who uploads them… I checkt it and I will remove your or let’s say the livery that’s yours that was stolen.

I am sorry for that

There is my name in manifest.cfg and in aircraft.cfg 😅😅

This is frankly bad faifh on your part. I am tired of seeing people take ownership of my work on which I spend a lot of time and for free.

Your file will probably end up like this (https://fr.flightsim.to/file/22325/asobo-747-8i-ita-airways-no-mirroring )

Very nice airport indeed! I don't know if it is possible with the current SDK, but could you adjust the glide path of the ILS to the original 4,5 degrees? At the moment it appears to be set at the standard 3,0 degrees and is therefore too low. The approach should start at waypoint VIBAX in 6000 ft. Probably the PAPIs need an adjustment as well.

would like but unfortunately I do not have this version

Hey, I am sorry to hear that but if I had copied it the stuff of Flightsim.to wouldn’t have approved my livery. If you want to you can sent me a message and we talk about it.

so.... does this mode improve the graphics? I mean will the cockpit of any airplane looks better (more realistic)?


should i move the file to my community folder?

Hello, I download it and enter the Community folder just like the other planes, but the landing gear never appears, I enter the cockpit view and the screens do not work and from the inside to the outside it is not visible, it looks gray. I don't know what happens or requires any more ad-on. If you can help me I would appreciate it.

i have tried many times, install and uninstall and it remains the same with no landing gear or panel function and no view from the inside out.

Hola, lo descargo e ingreso a la carpeta de Community igual que los demás aviones pero este nunca me aparece el tren de aterrizaje, ingreso a la vista de cabina y no funcionan las pantallas y de adentro hacia afuera no se ve, se ve gris. No se que suceda o requiera algun ad-on mas. Si me pueden ayudar se los agradecería.

hello, I'm sorry to ask this but you have to remove the ITA livery because it is not yours ... Here is the original file and you do not have the right to use it as it is clearly stated above ( https://fr.flightsim.to/file/22202/ita-airways-new-airlines-a320-neo )

If you fly a trip straight on without going to main menu it is working, as far we know.

We can analyze this together, please contact me on Discord, the information exchange is faster there, even if I need files from you.


Excellent !! Merci beaucoup, c'est magnifique

Voler dans les Alpes prend une autre dimension maintenant

I absolutely love fling in and out of Lake Hood, I usually use the gravel strip (Not float rated), but love watching the float operations there during the summer. You did a wonderful job!

Excellent !! Merci beaucoup, c'est magnifique

Great livery. Thanks for the plain option! More please.

Absolutely!!! So, all it took was pushing the add-on thru the latest SDK in order to fix it! Could have been code related or some sort of dependency issue, but in either case, my SDK is up to date and we were able to resolve an issue! Thanks for the kind words and hope that everyone passes along their feedback so we can attempt to fix these issues!

Hi. Downloaded everything but I cannot figure out how it all work. Is there a tutorial somewhere? I am new to this so it is very confusing. Thanks

Sorry if this is a silly question, but I just cant seem to extend the landing gear when I land. The speed was well under 290 with flaps extended. I have a yoke with a key set to landing gear toggle, but neither that nor dragging the switch with my mouse works. It works right after took off when I tried to extend it, but just wouldnt work later. I hope someone could tell me why, thanks. Overall brilliant aircraft!