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Version V10.8
Lansarea inițială January 06, 2021
Ultima actualizare October 27, 2021
Dimensiunea fișierului 1.38 GB
Downloads 116,702
GPS Coordonate 51.149520, -0.186978
Status Nu a fost descărcat încă
Acest fișier a fost scanat pentru viruși și poate fi descărcat în siguranță.
Intl. Airports
#Handcrafted United Kingdom Drag and Drop


72,250 | XIII General

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  • Version V10.8 October 27, 2021

    Airbridge is now a collision object
    Hilton Hotel some modelling

  • Version V10.7 October 19, 2021

    V10.7 -Sim Update 6 Build

    Level of Detail to 87 Bay (~400) containers south of 26L. Details only when in 10% of screen view

    Stand 1,2,3,4,5 custom calibrated stand guidance for A320/737 to stop at marker 3 or 4

    Ashdown House model

    Atlantic House model WIP(complex building)

    700+ Chocks with less render pop and LOD 

    700+ Cones LOD's, anti render pop

    Handmade Trepel W70 Highloaders with LODs

    Animated Highloader 

    Handmade A321/320/319 Pushback bars with LODs

    Animated electric Buggy with 4 Baggage carts

  • Version V10.6 October 10, 2021


    smaller Pier 2 side buildings to jetways remodelled and optimised.

    Pier 2 improved ground markings including numbered stop markers where they exist.

    Powerstation/airconditioning station near railway station with 2 large animated fans + further modelling . Footbridge modelling and textures.

    Stand 25 Stand Guide calibrated very well with a large visible stop warning for A320-787-747 in sequence. Default viewing position required.. but moving L/R/up/Down in seated position is fine.

    Custom Pier 2 Light masts reduced in height slightly and reduced brightness

    180 degree incorrect parking spawn points corrected, my bad

  • Version V10.5 October 06, 2021

    New type of stand entry Guidance system with left of centre , right of centre and stop ..
    stands 1-5, are Airbus A320 stands right now these work nicely but do not stop on the exact stand stop markers yet
    stands 10,11,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,28 Should work ok
    stand 27 for A320/787/747- fits like a glove but needs its own calibration
    stand 25 for A320/787/747- because of distance its hard to see the STOP text - i may change to a colour mode...should be insequence A320 then 787 then 747- a bit easier to see
    stands 13L 13R not setup yet
    stands 13,14,15,17,19,21,23 work good for A320/787/747. With the &$& you may need to translate view up for a good view, as its high up there. These stands need all the markings still
    stands 103,104,105,106,107,112,113,101 are easy, A320 stops, should work ok and are easy. No stop markings on apron

    Pier 1 blast barriers invisible large cubes added to stop popping up rendering effect
    Pier 2 shifted a few metres north, more tweaks

  • Version V10.4 October 03, 2021

    Small fix
    Supersized stand signs corrected stand 10-14, seen by some users
    All pier 2 stand signs optimised and sized more real to life, and illuminate from a far distance
    Pier 2 model max headroom signs changed to a blend texture= huge reduction in mesh
    Double faced flickering interaction inside building near stand 10 corrected

  • Version V10.3 October 01, 2021

    New Gatwick airport Railway station zone, 2 yellow  cranes scaled down

    Fences corrected 26L perimeter road

    More modelling of Pier 1 area

    Pier 1 Baggage sortation area WIP

    Concorde House area

    Custom Electric buggies with interior controls + LOD, full details when buggy fills 50% of screen. Low poly human driver

    Baggage Megastack South Bin Park, 89 bays + AKH and AKE ULD's

    Custom Towable steps with LOD level of detail

    South Terminal Air conditioning building WIP

    Stand number signs 10,11,12 Level of Detail test

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1 Comentarii

oh good man, last time i checked in it was looking like you had given up. excellent news you have a plan.

Cheers Bud, let you know how I get on. I'm using the middle of the road graphics Card on 7 Update, Many Thanks

CTD when loading in the airport. any idea what's going on? I've uninstalled the mod, loaded default, closed msfs, and then installed the mod again but no succes...

I did install the nvidia gforce driver update (latest)

Anyone else having trouble?



6 day(s) ago / Mulțumit de mkvy

Great Mod!!!

Very nice, the eastern part of EGKK and Hilton Hotel have been nearly finished

I do not know if it's MSFS or this amazing Gatwick airport or my system. I lock my framerate at 35fps and did a flight from EGAA-EGKK and was going fine until I got near to Gatwick and my FPS went from 35 down to 1 and then it pooped itself to the point that it was unflyable. Just how it goes from 35 down to 1 or 5FPS is crazy. Anyway loaded back up to Gatwick (gate 103) and FPS was between 28 to 35 (I locked my FPS at 35) and no problems at all. My system is running mostly on medium with GTX 1660TI.  Gotta say it not the first time, went to a high detailed airport in the states and 10mins out it pooped itself but was able to land on the runaway and gunning part that as soon as my wheels hit the ground, went from 10FPS to 35FPS.

No performance issues with sim update 7, working great. I'll give myself 5 stars *****



11 day(s) ago / Mulțumit de mkvy

This addon needs a serious FPS fix, I used to get a stable 25-30 fps using this scenery which is fine for me, but now I'm barely getting 15fps and LOTS of stutters, one arrival I did was unplayable it was like a slideshow, and no it isn't my pc because at any other scenery I get a stable 40-50 fps

Just need to clear about 3000 errors to do with taxiway points that are not linked to the main taxiway, all the solid yellow parking centrelines. This was showing in the beta tester version of sim update 7, but i thought the issue would be resolved.

I'm just sorting out Heathrow with projected mesh centrelines, then Gatwick. Should not take too long. Once i've setup the mesh with a few parking bays, the process is quite straight forward using a map as a background in blender.

That being said v10.8 and all other versions are still working fine with sim update 7

Does the autogate work ? or is that a planned feature ?

mk can you also fix Ohare (KORD) missing runway? the stars don't pop up if you use navigraph because kord is missing a runway

First of all i love this airport, great job. But i find whenever i load in (using FBW A32NX) it takes absolutely for ever especially with new liveries i havent used before.

Last version is working perfectly but I have a problem with the textures on both sides of de runway when I use the Zinertek enhanced airport graphics addon. Zinertek states that this may occur when other textures than the original msfs textures are used. In older version I didn't had this problem. love the airport though. thanks.

Hi, by Gate 10, there is a floating cone, I would upload screenshot but It appears I can't, love the airport though, way better than even the handcrafted ones 😀



27 day(s) ago / Mulțumit de mkvy

Amazing airport, fly in and out of more than any of my payware airports.

Cannot load into gatwick anymore, takes forever. This is happening after the recent updates.

I cant load into gatwick, whats wrong?

I've not been able to get this to work since the 10.8 update. Always appears as default Gatwick. I've tried deleting the old one, spawning into the default, exiting, installing new Gatwick and spawning in but still shows as default Gatwick. Any ideas?

Addendum - downloaded V10.7 and works perfectly, so not sure what I did wrong with V10.8

Serious FPS issues in SU6 with this addon, I usually get 35-40 fps but arriving into this airport today was horrendous I was literally on about 5-10 fps it was like a slideshow, in su5 times using this addon I used to get 20-30 fps

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Acest Flight Simulator 2020 Mod a fost creat de mkvy and shared in Scenery Enhancements » Intl. Airports pentru Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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