Touch Portal Page FCU and EFIS for INIBUILDS A310

Touch Portal page FCU and EFIS for iniBuilds A310. This page is in active development and only for testing purpose to give me feed back and help with testing. The page is full of placeholders and reused buttons from my FBWA32NX page. Please,...


Touch Portal page FCU and EFIS for iniBuilds A310.

This page is in active development and only for testing purpose to give me feed back and help with testing.

The page has still some placeholders and reused buttons from my FBWA32NX page.

Please, while testing/using, concentrate only on the logic. I will tweak the look and code.

IF your page get stuck after reloading a flight, the best option is to restart Touchportal.

In the end I will add also a First Officer version, and it should look and feel somewhat like this page I have done before:


I will update it frequently.

If you don't like testing and frequently changes, you should only subscribe to this download. This will update you via email with the overall progress. Just wait until this release hits 1,0 and download.

Please report any logical bugs with a short description how I can set up a state to reproduce your finding.

Things that help you to put this page to a test:

Airbus A310 Autopilot Tutorial

Airbus A310 Approach and Autoland Tutorial

Airbus Manual

Visit also https://flightsim.to/file/45461/touch-portal-inibuilds-a310-overhead-panel

for a iniBuildsA310 over head panel.


·    Touch Portal app Pro version (~€14 in-app purchase) on your tablet Android or iOS

·    The Touch Portal software on your PC (www.touch-portal.com)

·    Newest MSFS Touch Portal Plugin & WASim Module Plugin (tested on v1.3) via GitHub or via flightsim.to  https://flightsim.to/file/36546/msfs-touch-portal-plugin

The WASim module goes into your MSFS Community folder. The MSFS Touch Portal Plugin will be installed with your Touch Portal desktop Client.

Fave fun!

and give some love to mpaperno / Wdgmax for giving MSFS Touch Portal Plugin to us.


Touch Portal EFIS FCU A310
Sim Update 11
Lansarea inițială
January 14, 2023
Ultima actualizare
1 day(s) ago — Beta 0.75


Beta 0.75

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iniBuilds A310


  • Actualizat la versiunea Beta 0.75

  • Actualizat la versiunea Beta 0.7

  • Actualizat la versiunea Beta 0.6

  • Actualizat la versiunea Beta 0.5

  • Actualizat la versiunea Beta 0.4

  • Actualizat la versiunea Beta 0.3

  • Initial File Release

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  • Version Beta 0.75 February 07, 2023

    Slightly changed sync process
    Indicated SPD/ALT/HDG/VS indicator has no decimal anymore.
    And some minor tweaks no one will notice.

    If last Beta 0.7 works for you, there is really no need to upgrade to 0.75

  • Version Beta 0.7 February 06, 2023

    Fixed HDG SEL Display. Now shows the same as in Cockpit. Not off by one anymore.
    Updated functions for MSFS Touch Portal Plugin and WASim module 1.3 update.
    More reliable Synchronization.

    You have to update MSFS Plugin and WASim Module >>> https://flightsim.to/file/36546/msfs-touch-portal-plugin

    This page is now feature locked.
    Next updates will change some visuals and improve code as needed.
    Now I start to work on the First Officer Page version.

  • Version Beta 0.6 February 05, 2023

    Tweaked the refresh timing settings. It should result in a more responsive page by cutting down the overall network traffic.
    Added automatic synchronization process.
    Some more Visual changes.

  • Version Beta 0.5 January 25, 2023

    Fixed the Lvar for the Flaps
    Added the possibility to switch to VOR/ILS.
    To increase the course rapidly by +20, just tap directly on the "CRS" display until you get close to your desired course. Then fine-tune with the single step buttons to the left.
    Please test and give me some feedback.

  • Version Beta 0.4 January 23, 2023

    Populated the placeholders:
    LND GEAR is working
    SPD BRK is working
    Flaps shows position, but send only key presses (F6/F7). I didn't find a writable var. "A310_FLAPS_HANDLE_INDEX" doesn't work. I will investigate. Let me know if you have a working variable.
    Fixed a bug in the SPD display while in PRESET SPD mode, and more minor tweaking.

    IF your page get stuck after reloading a flight, the best option is to restart Touchportal.

  • Version Beta 0.3 January 20, 2023

    Fixed SPD "Dashes" behavior
    Fixed Dome LT switch and tweaked many more small things .
    Altimeter STD/Baro switch has a smaller footprint (3 buttons instead of 4)
    Added TRP Mode Switch
    Lot of visual changes/tweaking.

    Logic of FCU/EFIS is now finished and (hopefully) works as the Airbus manual says https://www.smartcockpit.com/docs/A310-Autoflight_System.pdf .

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