Intl. Airports #Handcrafted #Buildings #Real-Life Philippines Exclusive Drag and Drop

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Version 2.2
Lansarea inițială September 28, 2021
Ultima actualizare January 13, 2022
Dimensiunea fișierului 84.24 MB
Downloads 3,126
GPS Coordonate 10.307222, 123.978889
Status Nu a fost descărcat încă
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  • Version 2.2 January 13, 2022

    - replaced the custom hatched lines into default ones
    - resized the wheel bars in each gate into smaller one.
    - corrected and adjusted some parking, taxiways and vehicle paths
    - added a vehicle respawn point so you can refuel

  • Version 2.1 December 04, 2021

    - fixes for REX Texture users
    - adjusted the spawn points
    - minor scenery improvements

  • Version 2.0 December 03, 2021

    - Major scenery enhancements
    - Removed the old custom taxiway and replaced with the default one
    - Removed the 2nd runway
    - Added new buildings
    - Added static planes

    Make sure you remove the old file and replace it with this one!

  • Version 1.2 October 01, 2021

    - Closed the new runway and made it inoperational. Restored the 04R /22L into its original designation (04/22) due to cause of missing default STARS and SIDS for default NAVDATA users

    - Small corrections

  • Lansat September 28, 2021

    Versiunea inițială a acestui fișier tocmai a fost lansată. Bine ați venit la bord!

Întrebări frecvente

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Few Buildings from the real world

We will finish those in the next update 

PAF Area unrealistic buildings

We will try to include the rest of the buildings in the next update


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59 Comentarii


5 day(s) ago / Mulțumit de TurtleTank1997

Awesome work ! very nice and detailled airport ! Top ! Cheers from Paris

FYI, the file for version 2.2 to be downloaded is not available



10 day(s) ago / Mulțumit de TurtleTank1997

very nice work! thank you

Pls do Manila airport 😊

Good day po!

I also noticed that at night the threshold lights are active in the inactive runway still being constructed. Though I am not aware whether or not the 2nd runway is now operational. To say the least, it's confusing while flying to RPVM at night.

In any case, awesome scenery!



3 month(s) ago / Mulțumit de TurtleTank1997

Excellent. I've been waiting a long time for this. I am very happy. Thank you.

Cebu, the second largest city in the Philippines, also has Ayara center and SM sea side. There are not many tourist elements, but there are still some old streets. I hope you will consider it. Take care of yourself. Thank you



3 month(s) ago / Mulțumit de TurtleTank1997

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!! I've been waiting for this since I requested this airport few months back.



3 month(s) ago / Mulțumit de TurtleTank1997

good job, excellent airport, thank you

im just not aware that the 2nd runway or taxiway were done on the airside and operational, hope you have two versions, one future runway expansion (or under construction ) and 1 with the current runway set up



4 month(s) ago / Mulțumit de TurtleTank1997

Thank you! My home airport! Awesome job!



4 month(s) ago / Mulțumit de TurtleTank1997

Amazing, amazing effort!

The new terminal is beautiful! And it's a joy to finally see even the old terminal be given life to beyond the default MSFS building structure!

Great work guys!



4 month(s) ago / Mulțumit de TurtleTank1997

Salamat guys

for this project I was frequently looking for since was started.

I was excited to install it and now fly over Cebu from this airport I visited already so often with proper buildings now, including the new terminal. 

Thank you very much!

Which ray way has ILS and what is frequency is?

tried to with package manager for msfs to install but failed

Can you tell me pls how to install?

bro sakin walang jetway lumalabas sa sim ko

Hey TurtleTank1997, quick question for ya. Are you involved in making the RPLL mod made by Cloudsurf Asia Simulations?

Mga Sir's Clark naman, Salamat sa mga Philippine Scenery's nyo mga sir's



4 month(s) ago / Mulțumit de TurtleTank1997

Yooo nice one mga sirs, halos complete na ata PH!

Mapapa-Cebu narin, kulang nalang photogrammetry 👀😁



4 month(s) ago / Mulțumit de TurtleTank1997

hala owemji ang ganda! Eto hinihintay ko eh salamat po kuya! we really appreciate your work po! 😍😊



4 month(s) ago / Mulțumit de TurtleTank1997

Great work, guys! Althought I'm missing jetways, even after restarting..? Top work regardless! 😊



4 month(s) ago / Mulțumit de TurtleTank1997


Miss just Manila RPLL and Davao RPMD and All Philippines is on MSFS.

Salamat po

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